"Justin holds a space that is incomparable to any experience in growth and transformation that I have ever encountered in my life. His gentleness, attunement, and welcoming presence he opened for me allowed me to release trauma I had been holding in my heart, body, and mind for over 18 years. To put an experience like this into words would be an understatement in the capacity of unconditional acceptance he provides. To immerse yourself in his practice, is to open to that soft spot within that calls for attention, retribution, and freedom.  Before going into his session, I lacked any trust in my ability to breathe and fully soak in the benefits of this natural healing process of my body. What I walked away with will stay with me my entire life, I now fully trust my breath, my healing ability within my body and what catering to this wisdom can do.  With Justin facilitating to bring out these strengths in me, I am forever moved. I highly recommend anyone who has an interest in integrating a higher relationship with their own selves to open to the gift Justin has to share."

M. White


"I've had the great pleasure of working with Justin Weiss. He is a compassionate, intelligent and talented hypnotist. He's trained and consulted with some of the top hypnotists in the US and Canada.

Justin will get you into trance and use a variety of helpful methods to help you with your issue. Highly recommended."

D. Perez