Hypnosis & Coaching

“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.”
— Milton H. Erickson

Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, has trained himself and many others to utilize breathing techniques, cold water immersion, and meditation as a system of wellness. In 2014, Wim's techniques received scientific validation, as the Wim Hof Method practitioners displayed an ability to influence both their Autonomic Nervous System Immune System. Wim Hof Method is easy to learn, and enjoyable to practice. 

Wim Hof Method refers to the integrative approach to wellness which Wim discovered throughout his years of exploration. Through particular breathing exercises, exposure to cold water, and meditation/focus techniques, various physiological processes are affected, while deep states of mindfulness and transpersonal awareness can be generated. 


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Cold Exposure

  • Circulatory Health

  • Metabolic Increase

  • Immune System Balancing

  • Reduces Pain/Inflammation

  • Brown adipose tissue (BAT) stimulation

  • Weight management

  • Adrenaline production

  • Combats depression & Anxiety


Breathing Techniques

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Improved Energy Production

  • Reduces Pain/Inflammation

  • Controlled State / Stress Response

  • Immune System Balancing

  • Increased Efficiency in Exchange of O2 & CO2

  • Deep Relaxation 

  • Powerful Psychedelic & Transpersonal States

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Focus & Mindset

  • Increased Confidence

  • Increased Resilience

  • Increased Motivation

  • Improved Cognitive Function

  • Quieted internal dialogue

  • Decreased Anxiety